Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quarterly update?

Yup, I did it again.  Didn't even make it through January before I fell off the blogging wagon.  On the up side, I have been working on my photobooks again and even finally finished Sophie's first year one. She loves looking at it!

But for those of you who haven't been over for tea lately, here is what we've been up to.

 Grandma & Grandpa Snelgrove stopped in on their way to and from warmer places.

Daniel has been really into building things.  The box is his robot costume.  

We endured weekly snowstorms for most of the past month or two.  The good news: when it wasn't snowing, it was usually pretty nice out.  We have gotten a lot of use out of our rubber boots as all the snow often melted away before the next storm came around.  Those pics (and many others) are on my phone.  Need to get around to downloading those someday...

 Sophie is growing fast.  She is saying new words every day and mostly succeeding at keeping up with her big brother.  In this picture I think she is trying to convince her Daddy to play the ABC song for her again because it is her very favourite right now.
 And as of last weekend, Keith is officially another year older.  The shortcake wouldn't support the full amount of candles so I just went with the ones' digits.  

And that's it in a nutshell!  You're welcome, Myrna.  ;)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Outdoor winter fun

 Once it began to warm up a bit after Christmas, we were all eager to get outside.  On our last full day up north, Daniel got to spend the morning working with his Grandpa.  They took the grater out plowing snow and had all sorts of adventures.

We returned home to mild temperatures on New Year's Eve, and decided that New Year's Day would be as good a day as any for Daniel to try out his new skates.  He was very excited to get all geared up with knee and elbow pads, and try skating for the first time on a nearby pond.  Sophie was also keen to be outside & went for someone else's hockey stick while I as trying to take pictures of the boys.
 Daniel is going to have one happy uncle, and two unhappy ones about the jersey in these pictures.
 First steps onto the ice:

 I started to take a video of Daniel's first skate, but Sophie was headed full speed for the ice herself, so I thought perhaps I should remove her from the vicinity.

A much better place for her for now:

 Our view from the swings:

A grand time was had by all.  It was wonderful to be out in the sunshine and fresh air after so much time spent either inside houses or the van.  Daniel enjoyed his first skate and is looking forward to the next time.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas, Day 3

 On the 3rd day of Christmas, we headed north to spend time with my family.  We had near ideal driving conditions both in and out of the van.  Travelling is so much easier now that Sophie can eat and drink unassisted!

It wasn't long after we arrived that presents were pulled out and we set to unwrapping again.  Daniel was thrilled about playing with his cousin, Luke and new Cars cars, and he and  Luke (who had also received a lot of cars), played with all of their cars for the rest of the afternoon.  In the evening, once Grandpa was home, we opened a few more.  Daniel was very excited about his first pair of ice skates and wanted to try them on right away.  The pop-up fire engine & little house were also quite popular and saw a lot of action over the days we were there.

Christmas Day!

On Christmas morning, we woke to the sound of Daniel's running feet coming up the stairs and into our bedroom.  Once he was at our bedside, this is what we we treated to: 

Daniel: "Mom, Dad- It's time to wake up!  I sleeped and sleeped and sleeped until Glowy turned green, and then I heard a hoof on the roof and a jingle and I came upstairs and Santa was really here!  He brought us presents!  He brought me a big truck and jeep that was in Whitefish!  I forgot to ask him for that but he brought it for me and I love it!  It's time to get up Mom & Dad, come see!"

We did get up and go see.  Santa had very thoughtfully removed said truck and jeep from their packaging, allowing a little boy to get in some serious play time before his much-later-sleeping sister woke up.  It also gave his Mom time to shower and cook breakfast (Eggnog French Toast prepped the night before- delicious!) just in time for Sophie's awakening.  

 Once breakfast had been enjoyed, we got to work opening presents.  Sophie caught on to how to unwrap pretty quickly and was very excited to discover a talking Elmo.
 Daniel was thrilled to find this "Big Mack" which is both a toy and storage for his Cars cars.  Sophie had a long wait before her car was assembled, but once it was she took Elmo for quite a few joy rides around the house.

After present opening we quickly got ready & headed to the Christmas Day service at church.  At the end, Daniel & the other children were invited to help ring the big church bell for Christmas Day.  The goal was to "ring it until we quite get arrested" and the ringing did go on for quite awhile before it was time to head home and feast.

We spent a leisurely afternoon enjoying a large Christmas dinner, skyping and calling relatives, and playing with the kids.   Thibaut (one of our international students) came over and we were glad he could also celebrate with us.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Preschool Christmas Concert

Daniel's first Christmas performance of the season was this evening.  He was very excited to get dressed up and sing for us.  We went early so that we could sit up front.  Daniel appears about 40 seconds in on the video and clearly has firm opinions about where he should stand.  Sophie was a bit upset that we wouldn't let her run up and join him up there, but she did enjoy clapping and saying, "Yay, Daniel!" at the end of every song.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Family photo collage

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The rest of the summer

We certainly had a full summer vacation here.  Still jet lagged from our trip to Bermuda, we headed to the Crowsnest Pass to enjoy a day of the Brouwer Family Reunion.  
 Mid-July was also when Daniel picked out his first pedal bike.  He mastered his balance bike quite awhile ago and was very excited to upgrade to pedals.  This picture is from the first day trying it out- you might notice that we skipped the training wheel stage entirely.  Daniel needed some help from Keith the first number of times out, but now he has no problem pedalling and stopping.  He still needs help getting started, but it won't be long until he is going way faster on his own than I am entirely comfortable with.
Daniel had his first min-golf experience this July.  It looked a bit more like he & Nate were playing hockey, so I guess we might need to work on golf etiquette next time.  

The end of July always brings the Vermilion Fair.  Daniel was excited to go on rides, but his favourite part was "going to work with Grandpa" every morning as my Dad had to go up to oversee the grounds early each morning.
 Sophie is looking forward to going on the rides next summer!
Near the beginning of August, Keith's youngest sister, Breanna, and her family came for a visit.  We had a great time seeing the sites of Southern Alberta with them.

 Our first day trip was out to Fort Macleod's NWMP Fort.  Daniel & Cierra were picked to be the official horse inspectors for the musical ride.  The position paid in lollipops & personal satisfaction.

From there we headed over to the Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump and took it in from top to bottom.   

The next day we went to the Birds of Prey Centre which was a first for all of us.  Alex and Cierra got to hold this little owl, and Daniel got to pet it.  Later on all the kids helped give a couple of the eagles showers with a garden hose since it was 35 degrees.  We cooled ourselves off with a little trip to Coaldale's awesome spray park afterwards.

As the relatives headed back to BC, we went with them as far as The Saskatoon Farm north of High River.  What an amazing place!  I definitely want to go back and eat lunch there sometime.  The pie was good, but not as good as my Mom's (no surprises there, it's a very high bar).  Sophie was pretty impressed with the saskatoon ice cream and this very old horse ride.

Since then, we've kept busy with family time & visits with friends in the city.  Keith had to head back to work a bit earlier than usual this year since he is at the university, but we still have one foot in summer mode with lots of sunlight after supper to go biking and visit with the neighbours on the street. Our little cul-de-sac neighbourhood enjoyed a block party last weekend.  A potluck supper, games & face painting for the kids, and visiting into the night was a great un-official end to summer.